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Tecnoa was created to supply engineering services and products incorporating electrical, electronic and computerized technology, with applications in the fields
of production and services in the Patagonic region.

Its founders are Electromechanic Engineer Andrés L. Kaplun, and Electronic Engineer Julio A. Malasecheverría.

We have more than ten years’ experience developing automation projects, system programming, maintenance and control services in various areas of local economic activity.

We have highly qualified personnel, as well as last generation equipment
and instruments for the performance of all kinds of engineering tasks.

Lately, in view of the growing market needs, we have started to supply other types of services required in our region, both on our own and through our “cluster type” web relationship with other small and medium sized argentine companies, specialized in different activities.

This new Services Area is aimed at supplying local operational solutions for the diverse needs of large projects, with adequate technology and the efficiency,
quality and cost effectiveness that a local small company can achieve.